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Dive into firsthand accounts of transformed living spaces, exceptional craftsmanship, and unparalleled customer service.
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Below are a few testimonials directly from homeowners who entrusted us with their dreams and experienced the Palisades difference.
Maggie and Kevin Say:

"Gregg Smith and his crew were an absolute pleasure to work with. We were initially overwhelmed with the renovation we were about to undertake, but Gregg guided us on everything from design to material choices while also listening to and executing our vision. Gregg made sure to handle any issues that inevitably come up when doing renovation projects and monitored the project along the way. His crew was equally pleasant, detail-oriented, and professional, and their work was meticulous. We have recommended them to several people since, and they have been equally happy with their work as well."

The Leys Family says:

"When my husband and I began our renovation journey, we tried to factor in all the things you are told to consider when starting a home improvement project: work with an architect, be wise in selecting a contractor and most importantly assume a 20-30% buffer to your budget. What we did not factor in was a global pandemic which would impact not just the world but our renovation plans in innumerable ways.  For example, it took two years for our appliances and kitchen cabinets to be delivered and the prices of basic building materials went through roof. Added to all this were the many fixes needed to repair the shoddy construction made when our home was first built in the 80’s. It was certainly more than we bargained for but, the silver lining throughout, has been working with Gregg and his team. When it came time for us to select a contractor, we saw many but decided on Gregg because he was the only one who took the time to climb in all the nooks and crannies of our home to determine the state of the existing structure.  This proved to be a great indicator of how he approaches his projects as he is thorough, patient, considerate and fair. If you are looking for a contractor who is knowledgeable and who surrounds himself with professionals that produce quality work, then look no further than Gregg Smith @ Palisades Home Improvements. His attention to detail and problem solving skills are extraordinary. But beyond his skills as a GC, you will find no kinder person to work with. We lived at home during our construction and every effort was made to keep us there comfortably. Gregg went above and beyond to keep our living spaces as dust free as possible because our oldest son is allergic to dust. To Gregg, getting the job done never trumped our safety and comfort.  The finished product is beautiful and we are beyond pleased. And I can assure you that whatever project Gregg and his team works on will be extraordinary; but what you cannot see when you look at the finished product is the experience he creates for the families he works with. And that, I dare say, is as important as the work he produces. He and his team treated our family as if we were members of their families. Trust them to make your dream home come true!"

Jenn and Brendan say:

"I would 100% recommend Palisades Home Improvement.  They remodeled the inside of our home, took down and moved walls, redid bathrooms with excellent tile work and changed our kitchen into an open concept. The work was timely, they were at our house every working day until the job was completely done. Gregg is a hands-on owner and his team is skilled, respectful and considerate when working in our home. We have Palisade lined up to replace our windows next. Highly recommend."

Adam and Meghan Say:

"We entrusted Palisades Home Improvements with a major renovation project, and the results were nothing short of spectacular! From the initial consultation to the final finishing touches, the entire team demonstrated unparalleled professionalism, expertise, and a genuine commitment to turning our vision into reality. The attention to detail exhibited by Palisades Home Improvements was truly remarkable. They seamlessly blended creativity with functionality, ensuring that every inch of our home not only looked stunning but also served a practical purpose. The craftsmanship was top-notch, reflecting a level of skill and dedication that exceeded our expectations. Throughout the project, communication was seamless, and any concerns or questions were addressed promptly. The team's transparency and commitment to keeping us informed at every stage of the renovation process instilled a sense of trust that made the entire experience enjoyable. Palisades Home Improvements not only transformed our living space but also added significant value to our home. The quality of their work has garnered countless compliments from friends and neighbors, making us proud to showcase our beautifully renovated home. We wholeheartedly recommend Palisades Home Improvements to anyone seeking a trustworthy, skilled, and creative team for their home improvement needs. Thank you, Palisades, for turning our house into the dream home we've always wanted!"

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